JDA FocusConnect draws together over 500 supply chain professionals from the retail, manufacturing, wholesale distribution and logistics industries. Moreover, the event offers unique opportunities for attendees by networking, participate in group discussions about industry challenges and solutions.

At FocusConnect you can gain an insight into how businesses are using their supply chains to achieve competitive advantage. This annual thought leadership event will give opportunities to attend presentations from the world’s innovative companies and business leaders.

Following are five more reasons why attending FocusConnect is a good investment for your company and career!

1. Find Real Solutions to Your Planning, Logistics and Execution Challenges

With more than 60 sessions in 8 content tracks, FocusConnect will teach you how to best integrate planning and execution technologies into your supply chain transformation efforts.

2. Meet and Learn From Industry Peers

FocusConnect features presenters from more than 40 companies, industry analysts and thought leaders who are industry innovators. Moreover, they won’t just be presenting to you; they’ll be sitting next to you at lunch. They will be meeting you in the Delivery Zone and more! This is your opportunity to find out how to stay ahead of the curve!

3. Networking & Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

Network with 500 professionals who are also passionate about the intersection of supply chain and retail. You’ll walk away with a new set of contacts to share ideas and best practices with. Make sure you also join a JDA Special Interest Group for the solutions you’re using to help ongoing learning beyond FocusConnect.

4. Stay Relevant!

If you want to be & stay relevant and recruit the best talent, you need to be at FocusConnect. That’s because FocusConnect attracts industry leaders from around the world. They want to know you as much as you want to know them!

5. Inspire Your Team and Retain Key Talent

Take what you learn from FocusConnect and share it with your team, or tell your team’s success story. Shine at FocusConnect and put a spotlight on their work. It’s about more than our own personal development, your team can benefit too! By successfully sharing your success story at FocusConnect you give your team a public high five for their great work!

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Starware a proud platinum sponsor of the JDA FocusConnect event. Our partnership with JDA intensified after winning last years’ ‘Best new alliance member’ award. We are eager to show the JDA community what we are up to since then. We couldn’t think of a better platform than the focus connect event in London!
The Official JDA Starware Moleskine
During the Focus Connect we will host a workshop and breakout session. In the breakout session we will show a new take on customisation and extensibility. Together with our client DSV, we created a safe, modular approach to customisations and extensions of existing JDA software without breaking the core.

During the workshop we want to talk about a new approach for software implementation. Plenty of companies see that the old way of doing implementations is no longer up to par. Especially, in this fast changing market. Nonetheless how well the software is build, if you cannot embrace change and deliver value, your project is doomed. We have adopted the agile & devops frameworks from our software development experience. Moreover, we tuned it to work for JDA WMS implementations as well.
As it is in our nature to do things a little different, we’ve decided to team up with stand-up comedy crew Boom Chicago. Together we will inspire you with some thought provoking humor during this workshop!

Watch the trailer for our presentation on WMS implementation projects below.
Spoiler alert: It might be a little bit over the top 😉

TRAILER : Agile Implementations