WMS DAG 2017

The supply chain is changing, it is becoming more open and more flexible.
Customers want to have more information and they want to have more and better integration. But this is difficult to achieve when using an ‘old’ warehouse management system, because the older systems are more closed.

So, when you want to get information out of the software, you need to hire a developer and this takes a lot of time and will cost extra money.
However, with a modern system you can do this more easily: logistic service providers and shippers are currently replacing their systems and some of the new software is working in a cloud environment.

Is it easier to install such a system? Can it easily grow with your business needs? These are topics which are being discussed during WMS-Dag.

Already for 20 years WMS dag is THE knowledge event for warehouse, supply chain, logistics and ICT managers who want to update or enrich their knowledge about WMS. Besides that, WMS dag is also of interest for anyone who wants to optimise their warehouse (related) processes. Through knowledge sessions and interesting presentations WMS specialists are being inspired about the latest trends and developments.



You are invited!

Come and visit our booth during the breaks while you are at WMS dag. We can update you on the latest trends in WMS and discuss your current challenges.

Listen to our story

Furthermore, during our Knowledge session, co-Hosted with the Boom Chicago comedy institution, we’ll give you a fun take on doing software implementations in the supply chain industry.

Being an agile software company, we’ve seen a tremendous shift in the approach of software implementations in the past decades. Somehow the supply chain industry sticks to techniques that were hot in the nineties. See the main pitfalls, enjoy the show and you’ll might even learn some techniques to bring your project BACK TO THE FUTURE!

Visit us at 12:00h to hear more!

If you don’t want to miss it, please register by clicking here.

Floormap WMS Dag 2017